Original Artwork by Notre Dame Artist Gene Mcgee

Below are original oil paintings and drawings by artist Gene McGee. Many pieces are available for sale in giclee form. To order, contact Gene today.


gcm godslight_medjugorje

"God's Light"

God's light shines on Medjugorje

"The Dancing Sun"

Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace on Apparition Mountain.
Monets Garden

"Monet's Garden - A Century Later"

More than 100 years after Monet painted "Le Bassin aux nympheas"  in 1899, this is modern day representation
of his garden.

"Monet's Garden"

Water Lilies in the moonlight from Monet's Garden as it
looks today.

Eileens World

"Winter Wishes"

Painted especially for my wife since she always wanted to go for a horse drawn sleigh ride.


"Eileen's World"

A painting of my wife as a child.




 Irish Sunset  Lawrence Knoebel Memorial Bridge

"Irish Sunset"

The sun setting on the Dingle Peninsula in western County Kerry, Ireland is inspirational to see.


"Lawrence L. Knoebel Memorial Bridge"

This covered bridge is located in Knoebel's Park in
Elysburg, PA.
Little Mermaid


"Little Mermaid"

A painting of a sculpture located in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark that is a memorial to Hans Christian Anderson.


Stormy Seas

 Red Root Farm

"Stormy Seas"

Ocean City, NJ with an evening thunderstorm appraoching
from the East.

"Red Roof Farm"

Red Roof Farm is nestled among the hills of Jerseytown, PA. Many horses are borded on this farm. 

Super Beatle

Turbulent Seas 

"Super Beetle"

A pen and ink drawing of a 1974 Super Beetle using screens
for shading.

"Turbulent Seas"

A painting done from one's deep inner feelings, in the style of Turner's Impressionistic paintings.