Golden Memories, Notre Dame Artwork, Notre Dame Prints

"Golden Memories" is a series of original prints depicting the campus of Notre Dame from a different vantage point in the full glory of the four seasons.  Each release showcases the "Golden Dome" in a unique setting.

notre dame art notre dame artwork

"Candlelight Vigil"

The Grotto during Junior Parents Weekend at the University of Notre Dame

"The Grotto is my favorite place on the campus of Notre Dame. I often admire its beauty and warmth of the candlelight draws one to 'Our Lady', Notre Dame, even on the coldest of days or nights."


"Golden Reflections"

The Golden Dome seen reflected off the lake in Springtime

"This Spring scene depicts the 'Golden Dome' and a reflective time before graduation when students nostalgically recall their years spent at Notre Dame."


 notre dame prints  notre dame school painting

"Lasting Impressions"

A Summer campus scene

"For many years, this beautiful floral emblem of ND greeted all who drove down Notre Dame Boulevard toward the 'Golden Dome'. It was recently removed to make way for a new grand entrance to campus but it has definitely left a lasting impression in the hearts of all Notre Dame fans."


"Golden Splendor"

The Golden Dome surrounded by the splendor of autumn's flaming foliage.

"This Fall scene depicts the 'Golden Dome' during a time when the smell of autumn leaves is in the air and football is on the minds of all Notre Dame."

notre dame football painting

notre dame irish art

"Here Come the Irish"

The 2005 Fighting Irish coming out of the tunnel.


"Irish Sunrise"

The early morning view of campus from across
the lake.

the golden dome painting


"The Golden Dome"

A pen and ink drawing that was the preliminary drawing for the painting "Golden Splendor".